Something Beyond Knowing &

Something About Me.

"Something Beyond Knowing" is my first solo record. My composition process is total disconnect from any knowledge. I believe in connecting to something else, to something that is beyond knowledge. I truly believe when you are making ART that is real to you, you take a step closer to God. Every composition is about something or someone and starts with an image or person in my mind. I always have the song’s title before writing it, it will make sense when you hear it…

Music belongs to the listener.

- Nando Raio

1) Introspection; 2) Up Until Sunrise; 3) Temperamental; 4) Old Souls; 5) Never Been to Cuba; 6) Another Winter Without You; 7) Something Beyond Knowing ; 8) Night Thoughts; 9) De-Repente

All songs Composed, Arranged & Produced by Nando Raio
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jimmy Branly
Recorded at JBranly studios, Otmatik Studios, Arquitecture

Nando Raio: upright bass, acoustic guitar and Vocal on 2, acoustic guitar on 4
Katisse Buckingham: tenor, soprano, flute
Jimmy Branly: drums
Vardan Ovsepian: piano on 2, 3, 6, 7
Otmaro Ruiz: piano on 1, 4, 5, 8, 9
Roberto Montero: acoustic guitar on 8
Luis Conte: all percussion on 5
Cassio Duarte: all percussion on 9

Photography: Myriam Santos
Design: Carrie Smith

Thank you: To my wife Renata and my daughter Nathalia for all the love, support and patience, I love you! To my mom BIA who I miss dearly and to whom I wrote “Another Winter Without You”, with all I have in me; to my father Celso Raio, to all my brothers, sisters and the whole family. To all musicians on this record for the dedication to my music and their crafts.
Special thanks to Jimmy Branly on the mixing and mastering process.
To Myriam Santos, Andra Day and the whole gang, Carrie Smith. To Mike Valerio, Dave Wood, Eric Sittner, Andrew Campbell, Will Phillips, Tom Mcnalley, Sandro Feliciano, Grecco Buratto, Sandro Rebel, Marcelo Bucater, Bruno Justi, JP Mourão, Vinnie, Diana, Brianna, Marco Tulio and family. To all friends, musicians and artists out there putting up a good fight.


Originally from, Brazil, Nando Raio has established himself as an electric and acoustic bassist in Los Angeles. His versatility has led him to countless sessions and tours around the globe with many notable acts. Raio's merging of the music of his home with many contemporary styles has given him a unique sound of his own both as a performer and a composer.

Nando is currently working with the Grammy nominated Warner Brothers artist Andra Day. Nando is a Xotic Guitars and Aguilar Amplification artist.